libde265 HEVC Features and Roadmap

The libde265 team released a development roadmap for the libde265 HEVC codec. The roadmap for March, April and May includes HEVC decoder and HEVC/H.265 encoder features and end-user application development.

HEVC Decoder engineering

  • long term prediction (mid March)
  • WPP with multiple and dependent slices (end March)
  • all 8bit conformance streams correct (end March)
  • frame-based multi-threading (April/May)

HEVC Encoder engineering

  • intra frames (May)
  • P slices

Application support

  • VLC Mac OS (March)
  • iOS (March)
  • Chrome browser plug-in (March)


libde265 HEVC supported decoding features

feature v0.5 current
P slices yes yes
B slices yes yes
AMP yes yes
PCM yes yes
deblocking yes yes
SAO yes yes
weighted pred. yes yes
adaptive quant. incomplete yes
multiple slices no yes
dependent slices no yes
scaling lists no yes
long-term MC no no
ref.pic.list modification no incomplete
parallel WPP yes yes
parallel tiles yes yes
parallel frames no no
SSE acceleration yes yes
ARM acceleration no no
chroma 4:2:2 no no
10 bit no no

incomplete = may work for some streams