Chrome H.265 / HEVC Player Updated To 0.1.19

Chrome H.265 / HEVC player is one of the top, free and open H.265 players that are available. Chrome H.265 / HEVC player is a standalone video player using libde265 to playback H.265 / HEVC content. It currently supports Matroska video files with common audio codecs like MP3, AAC and AC3. Chrome H.265 / HEVC player is extremely easy to use.

The following changes have been undertaken in this version of Chrome H.265 / HEVC player:

– Fixed issue where decoding of files with some HEVC metadata potentially could fail.

Here’s a sample file that works now correctly.

You can download Chrome H.265 / HEVC player from today.


  1. Iacovos Florides
    November 7th

    Good day,
    Thank you for the great work in providing us with the free Chrome app for video.
    Please kindly advise if the DTS audio format is planned to be supported in a future release.

    Thank you.

  2. Nikolaos Skordilis
    November 10th

    The H.265 / HEVC player add-on is currently the only way to reproduce AC3 / Dolby Digital audio files on Chrome OS. The problem is that it is insanely CPU intensive. My ARM Samsung 3 Chromebook has no problem reproducing 720p and even 1080p files with its native player or the Subtitle Videoplayer. Although it has a 768p screen and a relatively weak dual core ARM CPU it can handle even 1080p videos without a glitch. I tested the HEVC player with a 1080p + AC3 mkv video and reproduction is totally impossible. I tried a 720p + AC3 mkv video and the sound is OK, but the video is unplayable, full of green artifacts. Finally I tried a 360p + AC3 mkv video. This time I could reproduce both audio and video, but not without the occasional freeze and frame drops. The film was watchable though.

    It is obvious that code optimization is to blame. I am grateful for your software, because it allowed me to hear Dolby Digital audio for the very first time. However it is currently unusable with most Chromebooks. Extrapolating I estimate that only the few rare i3 Chromebooks like the Acer C720, the Pixel with its i5, and maybe the new ARM Octacore ones from Samsung (Samsung Chromebook 2) will be able to handle 720p + AC3 videos and yet none, or maybe just the Pixel 1080p files.

    I and not a few other people are eagerly awaiting updates to your fine program, so that we can eventually use it. Most of us did not even know of Chrome OS’s inability to reproduce AC3 and DTS audio before purchasing a Chromebook, so we feel we were kind of cheated. I thought we would never have that, yet your Chrome plug-in emerged and gave us hope! We are still hoping :)

    Thanks a lot, and keep up the fine work.

  3. Paul Wright
    February 19th

    I use H.265 on my Chromebook Pixel and have similar problems with playback. I have ended up using H.265 for audio and syncing the native player by hand for video. Sometimes H.265 works just fine but I cannot identify factors affecting performance: I’ve closed everything else every time, but performance is variable.
    If I can assist in testing out optimizations or providing any log files please get in touch.

    • team
      February 19th

      Unfortunately our Chrome player is running sandboxed in the browser and thus can’t access any hardware acceleration or use some additional low-level optimizations. That’s why for some videos the playback speed will be too low and frames get dropped.

      However we are looking into ways to speed things up in further releases.

  4. Jay
    October 7th

    I am running chrome beta 62.0 and I only get sound nothing no video!