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libde265.js – JavaScript HEVC/H.265 bitstream decoder

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Imagine ultra low bandwidth HEVC/H.265 video streaming to your Linux laptop, your Android device, Chrome browser, Firefox. On Mac OS, Windows and the iPhone. A dream? Not anymore!

The libde265 team presents a demo of libde265.js, a JavaScript version of the libde265 H.265 High Efficiency Video decoder.


Simple HEVC/H.265 bitstream player in pure JavaScript.
Copyright © 2014 by struktur AG


The lib265.js HEVC/H.265 bitstream decoder entirely runs in JavaScript. Various browsers have been tested including Chrome and Firefox on Android, Linux and Windows, Safari 7 on OSX Mavericks, IE11 and Opera 20 on Windows.

libde265.js demo and source code is available on

The HTML code from the demo can be used as an example on how to integrate libde265.js on a website:

Please note that the HEVC/H.265 bitstream file (here “spreedmovie.hevc”) must be located on the same server that provides the HTML as the HEVC movie file can’t be loaded cross-domain.

Playback speed on a fast PC is about: ~46 fps in Firefox, ~40 fps in Chrome. A Nexus 5 plays around 11fps.


  1. Nikolaos
    July 6th

    On Chrome OS (dev channel), using ARM Samsung 3 Chromebook, I have 12 to 14,5 fps but with no sound on this demo. In your app from the Chrome store I tried an 720p/H.264 mkv file with AC3 audio, of a rather high bitrate, where for the first time I have audio but the video playback is very choppy. A message “Your computer is too slow to decode the movie in real time, playback performance may suffer” is displayed. With the latest Subtitle Videoplayer(v.1.7.0) I do not have sound in this copy but the video playback is fine. I then used another 720p/mkv/H.264 copy of a lower bitrate, with AAC audio, and the playback of both video and audio is fine using your H.265 / HEVC player app. Apparently you do not fully support Chrome OS and/or ARM CPUs. I will try to find a lower bitrate mkv/AC3 combo to see if the playback is OK. Thanks a lot for the effort, I hope i will soon be able to enjoy AC3 movies in my Chromebook.

  2. Gidion
    September 13th

    hello, i want to ask about this tutorial.

    Can we play another h265 format? such as mkv, mp4, or others?

    I change the filename in the file, but it seems the page doesn’t load the video..

    hope u have an answer for me about that.

    Thx u

  3. Any documentation on this library, I wanted to know if I wanted to go frame by frame. How would I do this? is there a get frame, or just to s specific time frame function?

  4. Emmanuel
    March 14th

    It is possible to use it for mp4, m3u8 or other video formats