4K Ultra High Definition Media Player VLC for Mac OS X available

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The libde265 team released a developer preview of the popular VLC media player capable to view HEVC video in 4K UHD resolution on a standard Mac computer. HEVC/H.265 videos in 4K Ultra High Definition resolution can be viewed with 30 frames per second on an Apple Mac mini. Minimum system requirements for viewing HEVC video in 4K resolution are

  • Intel Core i7 with 4 cores, running at 2.3GHz.

The VLC media player with libde265 HEVC video codec enabled is available for download in Version 2.2.0-git Weatherwax (Intel 64bit).

Download VLC V2.2.0 for Mac OS X

Example video files:






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  1. V
    March 2nd

    Any chance this build can support HDR?